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    I have a project for mount an electric motorhome, where the energy come from a set of panels on roof (5 fixed, 10 on 2 sliders opening when parked); when need recharge I search some good place for wait 8-12 hours.
    But my project is stopped, the situation here in brazil is getting hard to arise the money.
    So, I want sell the whole plans of the project; I will send a set of detailed plans for whom pay me only U$40.
    With the money, I will launch a marketing campaign for my SF book, so when I get about $120k I will begin the project; when finished I will publish a video showing the vehicle and it´s characteristics.
    In brazil recharge point is almost zero, nothing.
    With this vehicle, I will get avoid not only the gas cost, but also energy bills and home rent. In others countries, the situation can perhaps look as here; the temptation for surpass this is very strong.

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