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Discussion in 'Other EVs' started by Domenick, Oct 10, 2017.

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    what you have seen in the heading is absolutely true. If you don’t have a girlfriend, don’t worry just ride Ethec electric motorcycle. This electric motorcycle is amazing in looks and fantastic in performance. This beautiful electric motorcycle is designed by 16 young engineers from ETH Zurich and the Zurich University of the Arts.
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    Wish there was a separate forum for just motorcycles, but I guess interest must be demonstrated first.

    Well, I'm interested. Now I have a PEHV, I have the fever and looking at an electric motorcycle. This would even be more ideal for me than a car because I don't get to ride my motorcycle as often as I want -- especially in the Winter. Having that motor sit around for several weeks without being started isn't the best thing for an ICE of any sort. An electric motorcycle would be awesome for occasional riding -- as long as I kept it somewhat charged. Also the lowered maintenance would be a big win too.

    The one thing holding me back is storage. I need something with saddle bags to throw my kit in.
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    Really enjoyed this video put out by Alta Motors. It's a bit long at 9 minutes, but tells its story quite nicely. Well worth the watch.

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    This thread has been stale too long and much has happened. Alta, thought to have had funding secured after a deal with Harley-Davidson, ceased operations not long after Harley announced it was opening its own R&D center. (crazy!)

    Now, Harley has officially revealed its all-electric bike, the Livewire.
    At $29,799, it has a 110-mile range and lots of people offering up their opinion about it. Here's one I (mostly) sympathize with.

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    I've never owned a motorcycle, but $30k for what appears to my inexperienced eye to be only a mid-sized 'cycle -- not a large touring motorcycle -- does seem rather overpriced. Yeah, an EV drivetrain will drive up the price on the Livewire (I do like the name!), but it shouldn't drive it up that much.

    Does that fit with your opinions, Domenick, or am I just showing how clueless I am about this subject? Go ahead -- be blunt!

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    The name is good.
    Harley does charge more than this for its 3 wheelers, but it's higher than most of their bikes.
    For price comparison, though, you have to judge it against others on the market. Although a slightly different form factor -- it's more sport bike -- the Energica Ego starts at $22,565 and features some high-end components. It has an 11.7 kWh battery and should have more range than the Livewire. It also has a 107 kW motor (148 lb. ft of torque) in an excellent chassis and is said to handle quite wonderfully. It's also made in Italy.

    So, using this for comparison, it makes the Harley about $6,000 too much. At least.

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