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Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Steve123, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Steve123

    Steve123 New Member

    According to this article...

    "Kia says it will only be sold in 12 states — California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas and Washington — at a total of 103 dealerships, where it should be on sale by the end of the month. Kia told us it doesn't have plans to sell beyond those markets, so you shouldn't hold your breath if you hope to buy one in the Midwest."

    I've read the list of 12 states before, but have not found any list of which dealerships in those states (the mystery 103..where did that number come from?)

    Anyone have the list of dealers?
  2. wizziwig

    wizziwig New Member

    Any easy way to get a count of all KIA dealers that actually exist in those 12 states? Maybe there are only 103 KIA dealers in general - not just for the Niro EV.
  3. davidtm

    davidtm New Member

    Following this (closely). Have exchanged emails with one dealer in Maryland, but I'm not sure what they know about EVs...

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  4. Steve123

    Steve123 New Member

    Hmm..that is a possibility. I see 13 in my area (DFW), but three of them are 'Moritz Kia (Location)' , and three are 'Southwest Kia (Location)... so might just be 9.
  5. davidtm

    davidtm New Member

    A related issue for me is purchasing out of state and getting (warranty) service at home in a non - ZEV state.

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  6. All dealerships have to honor the warranty regardless. Are their mechanics qualified.....maybe not. But by the time things start to break probably they will have experience. Most of the fixes till that happens are likely software patch fixes which anyone could do.

    That aside the question is not so much the dealers but what dealer has what. That it may be sold in a state does not mean in any manner it has to be stocked by any dealer. By my guess a real stock in inventory will occur only in large cities in the larger markets such as California. Any Kia dealer can tell you what is in stock in other dealerships. But will they?
    It is just as likely they secure a higher price from you and secure another dealers inventory to fill your order.
    A quary result on existing inventory, is available on most all kia dealerships. Going to their sites is all that is required a click or word away when they become available.
    When one finds real inventory then one can start to compare prices. Likely by my guess such a short inventory this will all be close to list anyway.
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  7. To add if I had any doubt on the local dealership coving warranty issues on a EV I would contact them before any purchase. I think there will be no problem,(cannot be really as per their operating contract with Kia) but it is best to check first, as some local could throw a probably illegal nut into the works to save a buck or two. Dealers have to agree to service all KIa autos they sell new, not just models they sell. Otherwise they do not sell KIa.
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  8. Steve123

    Steve123 New Member

    I expect we'll be paying MSRP - they already sold out for the year in the UK, and I don't expect anything different here. If they try to sell above MSRP I'll be out of the market, even paying full sticker price is something I'm reluctant to consider.
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  9. Rivera516

    Rivera516 New Member

    I'm following this thread closely. I've been looking at EV's for a while now but with a grand daughter and a 50lb fur baby that both go pretty much everywhere with me, I really need a hatchback.
    The Kia and Hyundai both look like a good fit, but it looks like only the Kia will be selling in my state. So I will be contacting a dealer(s) this week to see what they have to say about availability ect.
  10. Availability can be a problem. Saw one video with a lady from Austin I think it was, no plug ins at all in that part of Texas, she had to come to New Mexico.
    The hatch is really very nice. It is squarish, easy to access and there seems a good amount of space. It is way a improvement from my crosstrek being taller. You seem to get more into the opening when you put stuff in. I load 5 gallon water jugs. It says it is a SUV, but really it is more a hatch.
    I usually buy my new vehicles out of state. But with the Niro did not have to. It poses difficulties, handleing the registration licenseing and such on my own, but usually with comparative quotes on the internet you do get the best price.
    I used to see comparative cars driving around with local dealers stickers on them and thought....well that person paid a grand or so to much. Albuquerque the nearest city is all about financing and they do not much favor to cash at all. Guess they have a sellers market due to most needing financing.
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  11. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Sales of the Kia Niro EV appear to restricted to 12 states, but the Hyundai Kona Electric may be available outside of the ZEV states (California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont).
    "The automaker says it will also ship the Kona Electric to dealers in non-ZEV states if they have a “sold order.”"
    I believe this means you can request a sale through your dealer, though they won't be carrying stock.

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