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  1. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I just bought a Clarity a few days ago. I bought a Chevy Volt earlier in the year but I was not totally happy with it, and I traded in my Volt on the Clarity. I took a significant hit, but I will get 2 x $7500 tax credits next April to make up for it. The Clarity is a much nicer car, more room and a lot more creature comforts. So far I am happy with my choice.

    I have a Blackvue 750 2CH dash cam, I had it in the Volt and plan to put it in the Clarity. Some things I am wondering about - I see fuse box A under the dash, but I'm not clear about the best fuses to attach to, and if there will be room to mount my "power magic pro" box that allows the camera to work in parking mode. I'm thinking the rear cam can be placed in the trunk door behind the "trunk window", but it seems to be fairly tinted which could be an issue at night. Has anyone installed a dash cam in the Clarity, specifically the Blackvue?
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    Thanks for sharing my link, Pegsie.
    I and one other poster whose name escapes me have found that hiding the wires in the Clarity is the easiest part of the install. Running the wires to the rear camera, not so much.
    I did see that there are some empty fuse sockets under the dash, but have not checked to see their power status.
    Best suggestion I have is to attach it to the windshield behind the rear view mirror so as to reduce obstruction of your vision.
    As far as the tinted rear window, my Rexing cam seems to do OK with it but try testing yours before the install.
    Let us know how it goes.
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    I just installed full time power outlets and there is at least one blank fuse spot that has full time power. There are only a few blanks and it took 1 min to figure out which one was full time. If you need, I can take a quick pic underneath.
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    Speaking of fuses...this gives me another opportunity to show off the 175-amp Clarity battery fuse I bought just to see what a 175-amp automobile fuse looks like (without having to pull it from my Clarity). Interestingly, it's labeled "58V DC." Not very relevant to dash-cam installation, however.

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    thanks for the fuse pdf. It is alot easier to read then trying to bend all sort of different way to read the label
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    Picture please

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