Clarification about EV Charging and Electrify America

Discussion in 'General' started by David Green, Jun 10, 2018.

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    For me I do not care who uses the chargers, just want to make sure the CCS network does not get bogged down with users the way some Tesla superchargers do.
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    Public chargers get bogged down because of slow charging vehicles like the Leaf and the Bolt. You can see these problems in California.
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    We certainly need a lot more charging network to support all EV's and imaging when EV adoption is 5X or 10X greater then today?

    I expect to need to charge my I-pace outside less then 12 times a year, but if it is a hassle to do so, we will just drive ICE on those trips, until the charging network is such that it is not a hassle.
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    Our Prius Prime and BMW i3-REx approve.

    Bob Wilson
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