Clarification about EV Charging and Electrify America

Discussion in 'General' started by David Green, Jun 10, 2018.

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    For me I do not care who uses the chargers, just want to make sure the CCS network does not get bogged down with users the way some Tesla superchargers do.
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    Public chargers get bogged down because of slow charging vehicles like the Leaf and the Bolt. You can see these problems in California.
  5. David Green

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    We certainly need a lot more charging network to support all EV's and imaging when EV adoption is 5X or 10X greater then today?

    I expect to need to charge my I-pace outside less then 12 times a year, but if it is a hassle to do so, we will just drive ICE on those trips, until the charging network is such that it is not a hassle.
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    Our Prius Prime and BMW i3-REx approve.

    Bob Wilson
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    This is laughably naive.

    Tesla doesn't need tax credits as it does not charge a starting price of $70k for a compact CUV as some Indian owned BEV makers do.

    Tesla will more than double Supercharger Network over the next 18 months.

    There is no guarantee that VW or EA will spend money on their charging network after they spend their court ordered $2B.

    Tesla is not a convicted criminal making restitution. They are spending money on their charging network because it is a fundamental pillar of their business plan.

    Any Tesla with adapter can charge at a CCS station in a pinch but the reverse is not true. Non-Tesla BEVs will never have as many chargers to charge as do Teslas.
  8. David Green

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    Wrong... on many fronts. Tesla supercharger expansion plans have been cut by 80% for 2018 due to budget problems. Also Tesla cannot charge on CCS, there is no adapters allowed in the CCS protocol, Tesla can use the Nissan Leaf adapter, and charge at a much slower rate.

    Tesla sales will fall off huge in the USA when the tax credit goes away, look at Hong Kong as an example of what to expect.

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