Check in, Smart EV owners!

Discussion in 'Mercedes-Benz' started by n4osx, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. n4osx

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    Since Mercedes-Benz is our parent company, this seemed to be the appropriate place for this little thread... ;)

    I'm a proud and very happy owner of a 2015 Smart Fortwo EV Cabriolet (an 'artsy' photo of 'Stewart' is below.) I purchased mine coming off lease from Mercedes in July for a mere $8000 with only 7,000 miles and I couldn't be more pleased with it. It's my primary commuter vehicle, and I usually drive around 40-50 miles on an average day. No range anxiety, and I've found that I can routinely get nearly 70-80 miles on a single charge in local, city driving. To make things even better, my employer offers free Chargepoint chargers at our office, so I enjoy this little perk when I plug in each day at work.

    After six months driving a full EV, I don't think I'd ever choose to go back to an ICE vehicle for my daily commute.

    There have to be a few more Smart EV owners here - if so, check in and tell us a bit about your Smart, how you drive it, and how you like it. :)


    Scott C. - Birmingham, Alabama

  2. NeilBlanchard

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    We just leased a 2018 Smart EQ - we have the Passion (mid-level) trim, with heated seats and steering wheel, and so far, so good! It is so nimble, and it scoots!

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