Bluelink cancelled?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Esprit1st, May 16, 2020.

  1. So here is an interesting occurrence: about 40 minutes ago I got an email from Hyundai that says "changes to your bluelink subscription".

    I checked it and it is from Hyundai saying that my bluelink subscription is cancelled because I don't own that vehicle any more. I started up the app to check on my car and for sure: I cannot connect to my car any more!

    Well, I guess first thing tomorrow morning will be a phone call to Hyundai/bluelink team.

    I didn't know going to a dealer to get your water pump recall taken care of was that bad of an idea. That teaches you to go to a dealer!?
  2. So here is the interesting answer to why my BlueLink was cancelled:

    When I bought the car in February 2019 in California, I told the dealer that I will not register it in CA because I lived in Oregon at the time (now Nevada). The dealer never told the CA DMV that it won't be registered, even though the dealer refunded the registration fee to me. A few months ago I got mail from the CA DMV to renew my registration. I let them know that that is a problem since I was never registered and they dropped me from their database.

    Apparently the dealer and the DMV have some kind of data-exchange, which meant that the dealer thought I don't own my car and deactivated my BlueLink!

    It took them about 3 months, so I never made that connection, but luckily it took only 1 phonecall to BlueLink Customer Service to resolve.
  3. Did you have to pay CA sales tax? There is one owner on FB who bought in CA to register elsewhere. The dealer drove it to the border so it was delivered outside of CA and tax was not payable.
  4. I had to pay sales tax. The dealer did not want to "deliver".
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  5. Has anyone tried to change the charge limit settings using Bluelink? I have been unable to do so for months. I get a message saying they are experiencing difficulties any time I've tried.
  6. Yes, I've done it several times, always without problems. US-version.
  7. US version here also. Here is the screen I get when I try to set charge limits:
  8. I've never tried using the webpage, only the cellphone app.
  9. ericy

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    I get the same - 0% for both. But I just tweaked mine this morning from the phone and it worked fine. My guess is that there is a temporary issue of some sort.
  10. It has been like this for the 6 months I've tried doing it using the web page.
  11. Joev

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    Just looked at MY Hyundai on line and this is what I get.
    Can change the limits and save them. Don't know why you don't see the same.

  12. Thanks for the reply. I just tried again and got the usual:
  13. ericy

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    I went back to the app on the phone - did a "refresh vehicle status", and now the charge limits show as 80%, as I would expect.
  14. I just used the app and it works fine.
  15. Looks like the app works, but not the web site. The web site has been giving me an error message for over 6 months. Not a big deal but Bluelink seems to be very buggy!

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