Anyone manage to convince their employer to install a charging station?

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by HChannel, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. jeff10236

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    I would love to get my employer to do it. I am a teacher at a school that is trying to get certified as a "green" school, I would think electric car chargers would look good on that application. I know at least one teacher in the past had a BEV or PHEV (a BMW i3 so it could have been either one), and recently a teacher or staff member bought a new Nissan Leaf. Others may have PHEVs or BEVs and just don't drive them to work. Unfortunately, we are a big bureaucracy (the school system, not just the individual school) so it won't be as simple as it would for a small to medium sized private business.
  2. David in TN

    David in TN Active Member

    Sorry for the "clarity" on this pic; but, these are the 5 dedicated EV spots at Job #2.

    Left home showing 49.5 EV.
    Drove 35 miles, mostly interstate at 70 mph speed limit.
    Arrived showing 24.6 EV. (Interesting math, huh?)
    Plugged in. 20190314_062504.jpeg

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  3. MGT

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    My public institution workplace has 8 charging spots, for a total personnel of about 18,000. Some of these chargers do not work, at least not with my Clarity (they also did not work for someone's BMW). 6 of them are located at the far end of a remote lot, which is not a problem for me, but might be for anyone with mobility issues. Getting a free charging spot is challenging. There's a 3-hour time limit but it's not enforced. Yesterday, after making two trips out to the parking lot, I was able to find a spot. Not only that, but when I returned to the car after approximately two hours, it was fully charged! It had 6 bars left before charging. A first occurrence: I could not detach the charger. I had to wrestle with it. Depressing the "button" had no effect. Pulling and wriggling while alternately pressing the button finally worked.
  4. Kathy

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    My company is in the solar business, but we lease two floors of a building from a landlord who is not too environmentally-minded. We have been trying to get approvals to put a solar carport system and EV chargers on the top floor of the parking garage -- a our own expense. And apparently it's not going very far very fast. The latest I heard is that the landlord wants to charge for the power. Depending on the rate they charge, I may or may not ever charge there even if we do finally get L2 chargers at work. I'm not paying much of a premium over the cost of gas to charge at work. (My commute is too long to do a round trip on a full battery.)
  5. Mowcowbell

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    I did get an update on the 8 EV charging spots at my office. They want to lease each spot for $145 annually.

    $12 per month for Level II 16 amp charging and a prime spot within feet of the office door? It is tempting.
  6. David in TN

    David in TN Active Member

    I would say "where do I sign up for this?" !!!!

    Where I'm at, the full-time employee rate is $20/month, for 20-amp 120v service. Still a bargain.
  7. jennifer everett

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    I am lucky. We have a level 2 charger that I share with one other guy who has a volt. Our company will out in more if anyone else gets an ev or phev. We charge 100% free. I love this perk! My company (boss) actually encouraged me to get a clarity!
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  8. The Gadgeteer

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    $12/Month is cheap. Let’s say you have an average of 20 working days a month that’s $0.60 a day.

    Unless you have super cheap or free electricity (solar?) at home and a really short commute it is hard for this to not to be economical. Beside the economics, it is just plain convenient and worth 60 cents/day especially with being able to precondition the cabin climate.

    I am happy to math up estimates for you. Do you know you drive miles each way to work and what you pay per KW at home for electricity? Do you go into the office most business days?

    I would do it for sure.
  9. Mowcowbell

    Mowcowbell Active Member

    I only have about a 8 mile drive to work, so usually I'm still at 75% charge when I arrive at the office. I would still consider paying the $145 to get a front parking space, and just to support EV charging at work. If they fill up all 8 spots quickly, that may encourage them to add additional spots to the facility, which has an employee population of about 5,000 people spread over numerous buildings.
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  10. ab13

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    Some people have to pay to get a normal parking space these days. Getting a reserved area and charging isn't bad.

    I know that Semaconnect works with property management companies for installing systems, though price doesn't seem too cheap.
  11. The Gadgeteer

    The Gadgeteer Active Member

    Even though your commute is a short 16 mile round trip it is a 1/3 of a full 48 mile full charge. So 14KW/3=4.67KW which means @ .60 a day your electric cost is a very cheap .128/KW or better. I say or better because you can easily show up after the weekend needing to replace more than 16 miles of charge. Knowing you can easily fully charge at a flat rate on weekdays may allow the opportunity to be more gluttonous with your electrons. You may find yourself doing spirited driving and making heavy use of climate control usage. Plus the Winter’s cold negative effects on range will be a nonissue. You may not need to ever charge at home.
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  12. original

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    Getting a 2 outlet fast charger installed at work. 1 will be dedicated for my car use only. The other will be available to the public. I was thinking about putting a 2 hour limit on the other spot so to prevent squatting. What have people seen for painting that restricts EV parking spot? Thanks
  13. Mowcowbell

    Mowcowbell Active Member

    I attended the first meeting for signing up for the EV charging spots. We only had 5 people show up for the 8 spots available, so unless 3 more people show up at their second meeting this next week, I'm guaranteed a spot. The FAA only wants to pass along their costs for electricity (they pay .05 cents per KWh!!), and for cost of maintenance and upkeep. I still think $145 for a year is a great deal.
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