2018 Pacifica Hybrid

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  1. ArkansasVolt

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    I took delivery of my Pacifica Hybrid on 12/1, and it replaced a 2015 Honda Odyssey. It was very hard to find one and sales people reminded me of when I shopped for a Volt in 2011. They were not yet educated on the electric aspect of their vehicles. After a few attempts at local dealerships, I ended up going to Patriot in McAllister, OK to to a dealer transfer. It took a few attempts, but we were able to negotiate and get a Pacifica Hybrid transferred.

    The Pacifica Hybrid (PacHy) is very similar to the Volt which I have had for nearly 7 years, but I can explain some differences that I have encountered.

    - Stomping on the accelerator is not all electric in the PacHy which wasn't a surprise because I had read about it and had experienced it in the Fusion Energi before.
    - "Engine running due to temperature" like the Volt, but has kicked on as warm as 44 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike the Volt, there are no large warning messages. I have had it come up on one of the screens, but can't remember off hand which functionality showed the message
    - Tons of extra features compared to my 2011 Volt. ACC all the way to a stop and start back up again, though not as smooth as my parents' Tesla Model S; 360 cameras; huge sunroof (tri-pane), hands free side and rear hatch; heated steering wheel; Android Auto; etc. I know many of these features are now available on the newer Volt, but worth mentioning to those interested.
    - MPG is given in terms of MPGe. When in all electric in the PacHy, I typically see 80ish MPG on the trip info popups when I turn off the power.

    I am sure I will think of more over time.

    Range has been surprisingly good. 40+ in 50s temperature without hypermiling. In gas only scenarios, I am getting about 35 MPG.

    So far, the only thing I miss is memory seats which I had in the Odyssey. The PacHy more than makes up for it by the awesome ride (smooth and low center of gravity) compared to the Odyssey.

    2011 Chevy Volt;
    2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
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  2. ArkansasVolt

    ArkansasVolt New Member

    Adding pictures... IMG_20180109_115254.jpg IMG_20180109_163654.jpg IMG_20180109_163720.jpg

    2011 Chevy Volt;
    2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
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    Thanks for taking the time to tell us that. Nice to hear that it compares so favorably to the Odyssey, which is the gold standard of minivans, it seems.
    Great range too! Much better than the EPA 33-mile rating.

    I'm really surprised that it hasn't sold better, but it's also true they've had some production "challenges." I actually called my local dealer last summer, and they couldn't get one and couldn't say how long it would take before they did have one. Maybe I should give them a call back.
  4. ArkansasVolt

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    It is very easily worth going to the dealership and see if they can transfer one in. It also helps them with further allocations for not only eco friendly vehicles but sought after cars like the hellcat. They will work with you if they care for the allocations aspect.

    2011 Chevy Volt;
    2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid
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    To the OP: how is your Pacifica so far? I have to say that I've heard some not so good things about it in the Pacifica forums.
  6. Cypress

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    Bought a PacHy Touring L off the lot on Memorial Day weekend sale. They had about 10 hybrids on the lot. Velvet Red. Doesn’t have all the fancy stuff the Limited trim has, and I didnt really need/want for the extra cost.

    But has heated front seats. Leather all-around. Blind spot monitoring and parking sensors, Apple CarPlay.

    Mostly my wife’s vehicle. But her first day out, she didn’t use any gas. 10miles to an appointment, 10 miles to the Mall, plugged in at the mall for free for a full charge, and home 10 miles.

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  7. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats! Looks great. I don't really hear much about the Pacifica Hybrid...I keep forgetting that it's even out there unless I see one from the Waymo fleet.
  8. Scramjett

    Scramjett Member

    Congrats! We’re seriously considering getting one also. My wife talked me into a minivan, which I’ve resisted until now (I once said that I’d get a suburban long before I’d be caught dead in a minivan), but my condition was that it had to be a plug-in. I was counting on the outlander and not even expecting the Pacifica, but Chrysler surprised me. I also can’t get past the utility of it. So, pretty soon, we’ll probably get one.

    Please do keep us posted on how it’s working out for you guys and any problems that come up!
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  9. Cypress

    Cypress Active Member

    Waymo just ordered 62,000 Pacifica Hybrids from Chrysler.
  10. Scramjett

    Scramjett Member

    I saw one drive by our house a couple weeks ago and another parked and charging a couple days ago. The drive by took me by surprise because there are hardly any PEVs where we live and the ones you do see are usually Volts, Prime’s or Tesla’s. Sometimes a Leaf too.
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    So we finally pulled the trigger and bought a white Pacifica Hybrid Limited. Pictures below. The first was just after our test drive at the dealer and the last two are in our driveway next to our 2017 Volt. Wasn’t interested in a white car but this was the only one that had the trim and options we were looking for. I have to admit that the white is growing on me!

    I have to agree with ArkansasVolt (OP) that it does drive very much like a Volt, right down to the L gear, except that the engine will come on under heavy acceleration (as he experienced). I have noticed (and verified in the owners manual) that the engine will cycle on and off after it first runs for the purpose of keeping the emissions control system warm. Not a fan of that approach, but I suspect that is largely due to the choice of not including user selected modes like the Volt has.

    We all love it (kids especially) but the one frustration for me so far has been getting the uconnect and SiriusXM Guardian features to work. It seems to me that OnStar is far more user friendly than uconnect and SiriusXM Guardian.

    I will update with our experiences, particularly after our first major road trip.

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  12. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Woot! Always great to see one of our members get a brand-new plug-in. Especially one like this that I don't see too much of.

    Feel free to start a new thread to document your ownership experience.

    And, congratulations! :D (site needs a party emoji)
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